Membership terms and conditions

This page sets out the Terms and Conditions of Membership (“Terms”) of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society (“BLOS/us/our”) and applies to the provision by us of any of our Membership Services (“Services”) to our Members (“Members/you/your”) and sets out our commercial relationship with you.

The Terms are an agreement between BLOS and any members and constitute a legal agreement. Please read them in conjunction with our Website Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, all of which can be found at (“Website”). Our Website does not provide any dental advice and is purely a directory and membership organisation for lingual orthodontics.

These Terms are subject to change from time to time. The latest version of these terms and conditions will be available here.

Registration, application for Membership, and Membership

You may apply to become a member of BLOS by completing the forms on the Website (“Registration Form”) and agreeing in that Registration Form to these Terms.

You agree to provide us with accurate information in the Registration Form and to accept these Terms on submission of the Registration Form with us.

Upon our acceptance of your application and your payment of the Membership Fee, there will be a contract between you and us on these Terms and your Membership will be formed (“Membership”).

BLOS’s Membership packages and Membership benefits are listed on the Website.

In addition to the Membership Fees that are applicable, you will be required to pay an initial joining fee of £75 if you subscribe to a full Membership. This fee also applies to Members who leave and rejoin BLOS.

The Membership year runs from March to February. Your Membership will automatically expire and cease on the last day of any period of Membership unless by that time you have renewed your Membership by paying a further Membership Fee for a new period commencing on the next day.

You may not transfer any rights associated with your Membership or the rights and obligations under these Terms to anyone else, or any other organisation.

We reserve the right to change any benefits that go with your Membership at any time, and without prior notice.

We reserve the right to expel you from BLOS and/or to withdraw or refuse to renew your Membership, or suspend it for a specific period, if your conduct is in our reasonable opinion unacceptable, or is or may be in our reasonable opinion, harmful to the reputation of BLOS, or if it amounts to your breach of these Terms, or where in our reasonable opinion such expulsion, withdrawal or refusal to renew your Membership, is otherwise in the interests of the other Members. If we expel you, you will then cease to be a Member of BLOS. You will not be entitled to any refund of any part of your Membership Fee for any withdrawn or suspended period of Membership due to expulsion or to suspension of your Membership.

Membership Fees

By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that you will pay to us the applicable Membership Fee for all Services that we provide to you and you may pay by the following methods:

• Bank transfer (new Members)
• Direct debit

Details of our Memberships Fees can be found on our Website, or you may contact us directly.

Your first payment will be payable on a pro-rata basis according to our Membership year, and any future renewal payments will be due in February at the applicable Membership Fee.

Your first payment should be made via bank transfer. All renewal payments should be made via Direct Debit.

Shortly before your Membership renews, we will email you to notify you that your renewal payment is due.

Please note that any direct debit payments to us will be processed via the British Orthodontic Society on our behalf.

Cancelling your Membership

Your Membership will continue until we receive written cancellation from you via email giving us notice to terminate, or if a renewal payment or any other payments due under these Terms are not received.

Once payment for Membership has been taken, we cannot issue any refunds to you. However, on notice to terminate, any future payments will be cancelled, and your Membership benefits will remain in place for the remainder of the Membership year.

If you cancel your Direct Debit instruction this will not automatically cancel your Membership.

Events beyond our control

We will not be liable for any failure or delay in performing our obligations under these Terms that result from any cause beyond our reasonable control. Such causes include, but are not limited to: power failure, internet service provider failure, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, riots and other civil unrest, fire, explosion, flood, storms, earthquakes, subsidence, acts of terrorism (threatened or actual), acts of war (declared, undeclared, threatened, actual or preparations for war), epidemic or other natural disaster, or any other event that is beyond our reasonable control.
If any such event occurs that is likely to adversely affect our performance of any obligations under these Terms, we will try to inform you as soon as is reasonably possible, our obligations will be suspended and any time limits that we are bound by will be extended accordingly.

Limitation of liability

The Membership benefits and Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to you under these Terms but in the event that we shall have a liability to you, our total liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of our negligence or breach of these Terms shall be limited to the total sum paid by over 12 months.

Nothing in these Terms shall limit or exclude any liability by us for death or personal injury.

Data protection

All personal information that we may use in the course of providing our Services to you or through the use of our Website will be collected, processed, and held in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation and any individual’s data rights.
For complete details of our collection, processing, storage, and retention of personal data including, but not limited to, the purpose(s) for which personal data is used, the legal basis or bases for using it, details of any rights and how to exercise them, and personal data sharing (where applicable), please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Data processing

For the purpose of these Terms, “Data Protection Legislation” means the data protection legislation to the extent applicable from time to time: (1) national laws implementing the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) and the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2002/58/EC); (2) the GDPR; and (3) any other similar national privacy law.

You agree and we agree to comply with all the applicable requirements set out in the Data Protection Legislation when processing any personal data. Neither this Clause nor these Terms shall relieve either party of any obligations set out in the Data Protection Legislation and shall not remove or replace any of those obligations.

The parties acknowledge and agree that in relation to any of the Services, we will be the Data Controller and, in some cases, the Data Processor of any personal data.

As such, all personal data to be processed by us on your behalf, will be subject to these Terms, and shall be processed in accordance with the terms of a Data Processing Agreement into which we both agree you and us will enter in to, before any personal data is processed.


Where consent has been provided, we will use your personal details to contact you from time to time by email and post with information on our events and services.

If you would like to change your contact details or preferences, please contact us.

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