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Maurice Berman Prize

December 2023

Dr Sunil Hirani wins the Maurice Berman Prize from the British Orthodontic Society

BLOS chairman Dr Hirani has won the coveted Maurice Berman Prize for Clinical Excellence from the British Orthodontic Society (BOS). This is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement and the highest honour orthodontists can receive for their work in clinical orthodontics from the BOS. You can only enter if you have been a specialist for at least 10 years. Over the last 21 years, only seven people have won the Maurice Berman Prize. Dr Hirani is now the 8th recipient of this prestigious accolade. Dr Hirani presented three cases with full records, including post-treatment records. The case complexity and variety have to be difficult, and the judges are looking for a high level of biomechanical skills, treatment outcome and stability. Two of Dr Hirani's cases were treated with lingual appliances, and all three cases involved extractions and miniscrews. Dr Hirani is delighted with his achievement and owes a huge debt of gratitude to Ann Wright, the administrator for the BOS for her encouragement.

Dr Sunil Hirani is the first and only UK Orthodontist to pass the higher level ESLO board exam

July 2022

Specialist Orthodontist Dr Sunil Hirani is celebrating after recently passing the higher level European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO) exam. Dr Hirani was one of seven candidates to sit the exam, which took place at the 14th ESLO Congress in Sorrento, Italy in June 2022. He is now the only orthodontist in the UK to possess this qualification from a population of 67 million. A panel of lingual examiners assessed Dr Hirani’s five challenging cases (all treated exclusively with lingual fixed appliances only), considering their difficulty, standard of records, efficiency of treatment, outcome and post-treatment stability. About 50 individuals have passed this exceptionally difficult exam worldwide, so it’s a fantastic achievement. The candidate sitting the exam is usually a specialist with at least 10 years of experience in lingual orthodontics.

Dr Sunil Hirani passes WSLO exam

July 2019

Well done to BLOS Chairman Dr Sunil Hirani for recently passing his World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO) exam. Sunil is the only consultant-trained specialist orthodontist in the UK to hold this prestigious qualification. An expert panel of lingual examiners assessed Sunil’s cases, considering difficulty, standard of records, treatment planning skills, efficiency of treatment, outcome, cephalometric tracings and post-treatment stability. As of 2019, only 246 individuals have passed this exam worldwide so it’s a huge achievement.

BLOS welcomes Dr Nikhil Gogna to the committee

April 2019

"As a final year orthodontic postgraduate, I have enjoyed developing my knowledge and skill set using fixed and removable appliances. However, I am aware of other modalities which are used to treat patients, and as a future specialist, I understand the importance of offering and providing a range of treatments to a high standard. Joining the BLOS committee has enabled me to meet like-minded professionals and to work alongside a dynamic team fuelled with enthusiasm, experience and passion for the speciality, enhancing my education in learning the fundamentals of lingual orthodontics."

Important change to your BLOS membership fee

January 2019

After 15 years, we've made the decision to increase our membership fee by a small amount to £175 a year. This decision was taken after careful deliberation and is due to the increased costs of running the society. We hope you agree that BLOS membership offers excellent value for money and can even pay for itself if you take advantage of our supplier discounts. Thank you for your continued support.

BLOS Chairman Dr Sunil Hirani passes ESLO exam

July 2018

Congratulations to BLOS Chairman Dr Sunil Hirani for passing his European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO) exam last week. Sunil is the only consultant-trained specialist orthodontist in the UK to hold this prestigious qualification.

The number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment continues to rise

May 2018

A study by the BOS has also revealed that 35% of its members are offering their patients... lingual braces!

BLOS donates study club proceeds to CLAPA

January 2018

November’s Lingual Study Club raised £320 for the Cleft Lip & Palate Association (CLAPA) – a fantastic cause that helps those affected by cleft lips and palates. Dr Sunil Hirani visited CLAPA to present the cheque and learn more about their great work.

Commitment to the profession

December 2017

BLOS Chairman Dr Sunil Hirani’s speaks to Orthodontic Practice about his role at BLOS and running a successful specialist orthodontic practice.

BLOS Lingual Study Club a huge success

November 2017

The BLOS committee reflect on their recent Lingual Study Club in the BOS News.

Dr Sunil Hirani announced as new chair of BLOS

August 2017