Clinical Implication of Skeletal Anchorage in Maxillary Constriction and Vertical Control


The lecture will focus on load system associated with skeletal anchorage in patients’ maxillary constriction and open bite.

Learning Objectives: 1) Discuss the effects of correcting maxillary constriction in patients with and without skeletal anchorage; 2) How biology is affected with commonly used load system in maxillary constriction and vertical control; and 3) Discuss the limitations and future with commercially available skeletal anchorage systems.


Dr Sumit Yadav is a Professor and Chair of Department of Growth and Development at UNMC College of Dentistry. He is the Henry and Anne Cech Endowed Professor of Orthodontics and a Board-Certified Orthodontist. He has published extensively and has more than 145 peer reviewed articles. He has been funded through NIH and American Association of Orthodontic Foundation on Orthodontic Tooth Movement and Temporomandibular Joint Degeneration and Regeneration. He is also an Associate Editor of Progress in Orthodontics.