The Influence of Digital and Lab Systems on Biomechanical Control


In lingual orthodontics, it is very important to prepare the cases customizing the brackets prescription. If we can measure the prescription that we are using for the different cases, we can evaluate the results, and learn from our own cases how much we need to over correct the prescription according to our particular wire sequence.

The lab customization of the prescription allow us to measure the prescription that we are using in a case and modify it, if necessary, during the detailing phase. For this issue we need some instruments as the Accuracy Bracket Positioner (ABP) that allow us to change the bracket prescription and finishing the case without wire bending.

Also it is possible in the lab customization with set up modes, but also is necessary to use some special instruments, like the Occlusal Plane Reference (OPR).

The digital system also could be use for this purpose but normally we need the help of different companies to change the prescription of the brackets at the finishing stage.

The author will demonstrate the different systems and show clinical cases to show the difference between them.


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