Efficient Alignment: An Important Step in Lingual Orthodontics

Join us on Saturday 20 November for an online webinar with Dr Nour E Tarraf. Registration details will be emailed to members in October.


Lingual orthodontics offers a fixed and predictable invisible treatment option for our patients.

Unfortunately, it can be criticised for being overly time-consuming in terms of chair-time.

This lecture will cover some clinical tips and steps to achieve efficient alignment and predictable results with lingual treatment without being overly taxing on chair-time.

Nour will discuss the clinical points to consider in setting up teenage and adult lingual cases and incorporating maxillary expansion for maximum efficiency. The benefits of sectional lingual treatments and social six treatment compared to aligners will also be discussed.

Lastly, Nour will discuss appointment scheduling and how to minimise chair-time in the early stages of treatment with the use of different ligation methods and compressed archwires for maximum efficiency in alignment in extraction and non-extraction cases.


Discuss the incorporation of maxillary expansion with lingual orthodontics in adults and adolescents and the advantages of preplanning before the prescription.

Cover the role of sectional lingual treatment and its advantages and the clinical protocols for efficient early alignment and scheduling strategies.

Learning objectives

Understand the workflow for incorporating maxillary expansion in lingual orthodontics.

Laboratory prescription requirements when maxillary expansion is part of the plan and the most efficient sequence in bonding.

Benefits of sectional lingual appliances over aligner treatments.

Understand the clinical steps in the early alignment phase that can increase efficiency and reduce chair time.

Scheduling strategies to prevent lingual cases from disrupting the practice workflow.