Evaluation of Airway Changes in Posterior Crossbite Cases Treated with MARPE in Adults

Join us on Wednesday 15 February 2023 for an online webinar with Dr Javier Echarri. Registration details will be emailed to members in January.


Posterior crossbite malocclusion in adult patients very often includes a transversal and sagittal deficiency of the maxilla.

Before the concept of skeletal anchorage, the correction of this deformity was always with orthodontics and/or orthognathic surgery.

However skeletal anchorage expands the limits of non-surgical treatment.

In this lecture, the indications and limitations of MARPE will be discussed and demonstrated with tough clinical cases.

We will also discuss the advantages of corticotomies and micro osteo-perforation to improve this treatment with the new digital-guided techniques.

The influence of this treatment in the permeability of the upper airways, will be discussed with 3D-records of the patients in a case-series study.