The benefits of lingual braces

We’re a membership organisation for specialist orthodontists who provide lingual orthodontics – so it’s perhaps no surprise that we sing the praises of lingual braces. Yet these braces are brilliant at their job. Here’s how they can benefit you:

Lingual braces are VERY discreet

Lingual braces are fitted to the inside of your teeth – where no one can see them except for you, your orthodontist and your dentist. They’re undoubtedly the most discreet brace around, and friends and family will need to have mirror handy if they want to spot them!

Lingual braces are suitable for all ages

Because lingual braces aren’t available on the NHS, they tend to be more popular among adults. But if you can wear a fixed brace, you can wear a lingual brace. This means children, teenagers and adults of all ages can benefit from lingual orthodontics.

Lingual braces can straighten any malocclusion

A malocclusion is a misalignment of the teeth, and there are several different types – all of which can be treated effectively using lingual braces. So whether you have crowded teeth, spacing, an open bite, an overbite or missing teeth, lingual braces can straighten your smile and give you a perfect occlusion.

Lingual braces can be custom-made for maximum control

The backs of your teeth are much less uniform than the fronts, and if we tried to attach traditional metal brackets to these, they’d probably fall off fairly quickly. That’s why lingual brackets are specially designed and increasingly custom-made just for you. This means your orthodontist can position your brackets perfectly, where they’ll be most effective at moving your teeth. It also means that the brackets can be made as low profile as possible to make them more comfortable.

Lingual braces won’t leave any lasting damage to the front of your teeth

If you look after your teeth properly throughout your orthodontic treatment and keep up a good oral hygiene routine, there shouldn’t be any damage to your teeth, regardless of which brace you choose. But, if any damage does arise due to eating the wrong foods, or not brushing carefully enough during your treatment, with lingual braces the effects won’t be on show for everyone to see.

Lingual braces let you see results as they happen

Lingual braces ensure the ever-improving results of your hard work and perseverance won’t be hidden behind brackets and wires. This means you can start to appreciate the benefits of your treatment while you’re still wearing your braces. It also means your orthodontist can evaluate your smile as you get towards the end of your treatment, and make any necessary tweaks to give you the best final result.

Lingual orthodontists are usually highly skilled

Lingual orthodontics is a complex technique, which is offered predominantly by specialist orthodontists. Both specialist orthodontists and dentists can provide orthodontic treatment, but specialist orthodontists have undergone three years of full-time specialist training. They’re also more likely to only provide orthodontic treatment, and will have more experience of treating highly complex cases.

Lingual braces keep getting better

Demand for lingual braces is on the rise. In 2015, enquiries for Incognito™ increased by 610% in just six months. To keep up with lingual braces’ growing popularity, more orthodontists are adopting the technique – and more resources are being invested in training, research and development. Ultimately we hope this will see lingual braces become even more advanced and provide patients with even more benefits in the future.