VISION: Treatment Planning in Action


In this webinar, you will experience the power and precision of SoftSmile’s treatment planning software, VISION. This innovative solution, backed by proprietary algorithms, delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy and gives orthodontists and aligner manufacturers the ability to design treatment plans in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional aligner companies.

With its all-inclusive, integrated workflow, VISION helps aligners producers and orthodontists to increase patient acceptance rates and improve patient outcomes at a competitive price with increased speed, precision, and quality.


Khamzat Asabaev is the founder and CEO of SoftSmile, a technology company focused on delivering best-in-class orthodontic treatment. SoftSmile’s mission is to make orthodontic care more accessible and affordable. As the leader and visionary, Khamzat focuses on advancing the AI-driven capabilities of SoftSmile’s flagship software, VISION, to empower doctors to provide higher-quality clear aligners having complete control over treatment.

Before starting SoftSmile, Khamzat was an M&A attorney at Linklaters for more than a decade, and along the way he founded and co-founded a number of startups, most notably a braces producer in Switzerland (3D Med) and a car-sharing company in Dubai (Motor).