An Evidence-Based Perspective on the Efficacy and Clinicians’ Perception of Clear Aligner Therapy


• Overview and development of clear aligners
• Efficacy, accuracy, and biomechanics – clinical cases
• Accuracy between various aligner systems
• Association between initial complexity, outcomes, and refinements of clear aligners
• Evaluation of interproximal reduction with aligners
• Chat-GPT clear aligners – misconception
• Retention and clear aligners
• Class II malocclusion and aligners
• Clinician’s perspective: Insight into clear aligner therapy and protocols
• Take home message


Dr Abu Arqub completed a Master in Dental Science (M. Dent. SC) and received a Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, Farmington, CT in 2019.

She is an American Board of Orthodontics Certified Orthodontist and currently is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida Department of Orthodontics. Dr Abu Arqub is involved in several research projects. Her research is primarily focused on clinical and evidenced-based orthodontics in the areas of clear aligners, TADs in orthodontics, systemic reviews and meta-analysis, AI, teledentistry and dental monitoring, clinical trials, and more recently social media and orthodontics.

She has more than twenty-five publications in high-impact journals including AJODO, Progress in Orthodontics, EJO, Journal of Dentistry, The Angle Orthodontist, and OCR. She has several pending publications and several others in progress. Dr Abu Arqub currently has more than 200 citations for her publications. She is a peer reviewer for the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, the AJODO Clinical Companion, the European Journal of Orthodontics, the Angle Orthodontist, and Progress in Orthodontics. She is also an associate editor for Progress in Orthodontics and an editor for Seminars in Orthodontics.